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Symbol – families with God and true love at the centre

The symbol of the Family FederationThe symbol of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification represents both visually and symbolically the ideal “true families with God at the centre” and the philosophy behind such an ideal.

It was Sun Myung Moon himself who designed all the fundamental components of the logo. In addition, he oversaw the entire design process, even how the components were arranged. He indicated how everything should be placed in the logo, from – to take a few examples – the concept “three generations living together”, to the size and shape of the sun’s rays.

In the logo, the sun shines brightly in the sky (symbolizing God, our Heavenly Parent). Just below the sun comes grandfather (left) and grandmother (right), below them father (centre right) and mother (centre left) and below them again a son (right) and a daughter (left). Hand in hand, three generations form a circle, where true love in the form of a heart occupies the central position. Around all this, two arrows – an expression of a give-and-receive relationship, and of yin and yang – form a circular frame.

The logo of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification expresses that the foundation of a true universe is a true family with God and true love at the centre. In other words, the real meaning of Father Moon‘s concepts “the Four Great Realms of Heart” and “the Three Great Kingships” is clarified by the figure where three generations become one with each other based on true love under the sun which symbolizes God. The meaning of the circle surrounding such a true family is heaven and earth (the great macrocosm) eternally united and in harmony with each other based on a true family.

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